Thursday, August 22, 2013

Omiyage Giveaway

A few weeks ago the lovely guys from Omiyage hosted a very cool giveaway on their blog/ FB. I won the surprise package and it finally arrived today;


inside (such a cute package)

and the amazing surprises. A little notebook, tags, wash tapi, sticky notes, little envelopes, stickers, flakes and a loooot more :)

Check out their online shop:
They have a wonderful selection of everything a crafter and snail mailer can ask for

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The LEP (no this is not the usual "commercial" stuff)

So as many of you probably know there is this LEP thing going on. LEP stands for League of Extraordinary Pen pals and is a project/group or whatever you want to call it by Julie over at penpaloftheweek and Laura at pleasedeliverto.
When I first read about this project I was not really into it. This is what I wrote a while ago as a comment on another person's blog:
"I didn’t join… I think it’s too expensive. I know people put time and effort in it, but you gotta have a certain passion for it and not the urge to make money. All snail mailers are usually low on money. I mean they could at least offer a month for free to check what it looks like and then let people pay for it."
I still have that opinion but you know how it goes.... I joined a giveaway for a free membership and baaaam of course I won. Yeah weird, isn't it? 
I got a mail from a.-m. Laura L. stating (in a not very nice way) that I may should reconsider the comment I made on this blog and that it's certainly not about making money. That was the first thing that made me almost not even give it a try.... but I ignored it and submitted my information.

The monthly newsletter itself is about 10 pages, I would say. It contains:
- a free printable (one page)
- an interview with a member
- a swap organized by them (but you have to be a member of swap bot in order to seriously??)
- a mail challenge (basically writing a creative letter to a fictive person and sending it to another member)
- a few book recommendations
- a features website (like swap-bot)
- Stationary subscription service (they send you a pack of stationary....expensive, though) 
- other stuff (like links, recommendations about 2 pages) 
- Sneak Peak at the next issue

In addition to that the LEP founders "generously" offer 1 pack of the official stationary to one lucky member and a personal letter to two (un)lucky members.... if you want or not. 

The fees for the LEP are:
1 month: 4,96 Dollar / 3,77 Euros
3 months: 11,92 Dollars/ 9,05 Euros
6 months: 17,88 Dollars/ 13,57 Euros

There are 135 members in the Facebook group but I know for sure that there are at least 196 members if not over 200... not everybody uses Facebook right? Counting with 196 members that makes at least 972,16 Dollars for JUST 1 MONTH. And they tell me it's not about making money?! YEAH sure.... :-/ 

Besides that they have different sub-clubs, for example a readers club, photography club, fountain pen club,....
These clubs are coordinated by other LEP members who put a lot of effort and time in their work and they get absolutely NO money for it. They do it because they want it and have this certain passion I mentioned earlier.

After a while I got added to the official LEP Facebook page. And I have to say, this group is awesome, but not because of the group itself, it is because of all the lovely other snail mail enthusiasts. :)  It's certainly not Laura L. or Julie who have generous giveaway, creative ideas and always a open ear for all sorts of problems. It's the members who put a lot of effort and time in their work and they get absolutely NO money for it. They do it because they want it and have this certain passion I mentioned earlier. They are all lovely, generous and unique. 
And I will certainly miss them.
The group, however, was restricted. They did not want us to create swaps on our own for example. 

Well and today there was this post by Julie that made my publish what I am writing right now. 
It reminded the people whose subscription was about to run out to extend if they wish to. In case of not extending you'd also be removed from the Facebook group. 
I answered this post by writing
"wow so I get kicked out of this group if I don't extend? Wooow oO"
Julies answer:
" Yes Anna thats one of the perks to be a member of the LEP and you won your membership so you didn't even pay for it"
My answer: ( I can't get the original version together but it comes close)
I just think that the LEP newsletter has nothing to do with this group. It's all the wonderful people here that make it so great.
Julies answer:
Feel free to open your own amazing pen pal group with your own rules. 

And after that I got kicked out, after 2 of my 6 months of membership, so you are not even allowed to have your own opinion in this group. 

I really don't recommend joining this LEP thing. You have to pay a lot of money and in addition you have bitchy coordinators. 

Look at these two great communities, they are for free and if you ask me a lot better!

Postaltravels has a newsletter as well. You can clearly tell that their makers put a lot more effort and love it in.


For further information please contact me, I'll gladly provide it :) And if you share the same opinion I'd love to hear from you or your help to spread this information. Thank you!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am sick :(

It's been raining the entire day and it's not supposed to stop anytime soon.

And everything looks like this. 

So I guess it's a perfect day to
do this:
Drink a cup of hot tea, eat chocolate and write a letter. 
The mail man hasn't been here yet, even though it's already after 4 pm. But I really don't blame him. Who would like to work outside in this crap :S


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Please help me hunt

Hey hey everybody :)
As some of you might know I like beautiful stamps and I collect the EUROPA / CEPT that get issued every year by all European countries. I started collecting these stamps with the 2000 issue that, for the first and so far the only time, looks more or less alike.  
I already have this stamp from:

And this is an example from different countries that issued this stamp.

If you have this stamp from your or any other country, would you please help me with my collection?
I can trade for other stamps, tea, postcards, stickers or whatever you are interested in. 
I'm also interested into other years EUROPA stamps :)

Thank you!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I am so sick of it.

Really! The USPS is horrible... high prices for shitty service. Every week I receive at least one damaged item. And I never had so much lost mail ... ever! Don't they know that we put a lot of effort and money in our mail?!

Examples?? :

A letter from Lotta.
Looks nice, huh? And you can definitely tell she put some effort into creating something nice.
Well take a closer look at the second picutre.

It's NOT a letter. It's just the front site of the envelope. It completely got destroyed and that was all I found in my mail box. -.-  Below a link what it was supposed to be. (Stolen from Lottes Blog).

Next example. A !registered! letter from Dasha in Russia. Sent 09 January. Received 06 March... wth? Almost 2 months. And that's not the worst. It was was opened and everything but the customs declaration was stolen. It originally contained a CD, chocolate and a letter :(

Damaged stamps from Japan. This happens every other day, really :(  I love beautiful stamps and this really makes me sad!

This letter got wet. It wasn't readable at all and the stamp was completely destroyed.

Next example I don't have a picture of because the letter from my penpal Penny in Brazil don't arrive at all.  She keeps trying sending me stuff but it gets returned because my address apparently does not exist. Weird that I receive mail to my non-existant address anyways, huh?

F... you United States Postal Service. Really! I'm so sick of this!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To be continued

I know I'm terribly late again to update my blog and some already unfollowed me... how mean :( :( But I will post something soon. My stupid iPhone or as I call it shitPhone had to be bitchy again and now I lost all my pictures -.- I'm really frustrated and could throw that piece of crap against the wall in front of me :O Oh well... 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Month of letters

Have you heard that February is letter writing month? You send a letter every day the mail runs...and reply to everything you find in your mailbox :) I really like that here we go with day 1.


My letter for day one isn't a real letter, but a swap-bot swap :)
It's for the creative mail art swap with little goodies inside.
I know my partner likes dessert mail art so I tried to create something matching that.

And then a picture showing how chaotic I am :D This is our kitchen table while I am creating and writing stuff ;)